About Us

EVF was founded in December of 2006 by husband and wife, Ator & Anita Nisan. They became married on June 23rd 2006 and about six months later they had a clever idea to edit their own wedding video. They did not realize that decision would make film, editing, cameras and weddings a part of their daily lives. They began their journey by borrowing a camera from a friend and spent an endless amount of hours trying to figure out where to start. All the research they did helped them create a great finished film and they have not stopped filming and editing since.

What do we offer?

This will definitely amaze your guests! The SDE is a short film played at your reception that shows how your day has unfolded from morning preparations to after the ceremony.

Turns out to be a fun and memorable interview where the couple talks about the first time they met, how they knew they were in love and ends with a special message from the bride and groom to each other.

This is what we’re all about! The Steadicam adds a movie-type feeling to our film. It allows us to film shots as they naturally occur and gives us the ability to do 360 degree turns with ease.


We love our clients here at ExtremeVisionFilms and want you to hear from a few of them!

I am so glad I booked Extreme Vision Films for our videographer. Ator was our videographer and he was SO professional and sweet. He came at the very beginning of the day during the preparations and didn’t leave until the dancing stopped at the reception. He was on top of catching all important events. He was so easy to work with and his work is amazing!.

Akalina & Robby

We are incredibly happy with the services provided by Extreme Vision Films. Aside from the wonderful job that they did with our wedding video, they also displayed a very professional yet friendly and approachable demeanor throughout our wedding day, not just with us, but with all of our guests and VIP’s. Their prices are fair and the quality of their work is great, they certainly have a good eye for the camera and know what looks good! I would highly recommend them!.

Justine & Oubalit

My husband and I are both really happy that we chose Extreme Vision Films for our wedding video. From the first day, Ator was so friendly and he has been so helpful in accommodating our crazy schedules. . He showed us his different packages and went over details step by steps. My husband’s family is in Lebanon and they were not able to come for our wedding. Therefore, Ator, without telling us, he connected a camera in our reception that my in-laws were able to see us live in Lebanon. We were so happy. He did a really great job on our love story and our wedding video. if you are looking for someone professional, friendly, and down to earth, I highly recommend the Extreme Vision Films.

Obalin & Joe

Ator was amazing! He was flexiable when setting a time to meet, he was on time, he was professional. He gave us details that we needed to make the day and the video as beautiful as it can be. He is sincere and cares about the couple as if you were family! I would recommend Extreme Vision Films to my own SISTER so I would definitely recommend them to any of you newly engaged folks!

Miranda & Wilson